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Attwood & Co takes pride in assisting each of our clients professionally, helping them with legal aids by utilizing our expertise for personal injury claims. Each client is respectfully assisted to the highest calibre of our ability.

Injury Compensation in Essex

Legal action regarding injuries can be expensive, which is why our standard action for avoiding instructions from accident claims management or unnecessary loan agreements is ideal for those looking to acquire help without excess legal expenses.

Unlike many personal injury law firms, Attwood & Co does not accept instructions from accident claims management companies or allow its clients to enter into punitive loan agreements or other funding arrangements that leave the client out of pocket.

We aim to recover legal costs from the paying party, as our number one priority is to pursue a personal injury claim with a complete peace of mind.

How Our Firm Works

To make your journey easier, we have broken our process into 3 easy steps. Our team of expert solicitors will be with you in each step, discussing any concerns you may have and providing all the support needed.

Step #1 Discussion
This step allows us to get to know you and your situtation better, and allows us to provide a thorough analysis and assessment of your current claim. We can also further discuss the status of your claim.
Step #2 Investigation
Once terms are agreed upon, and if your claim is accepted, we will then begin to thoroughly investigate your claim and provide all the support we can.
Step #3 Negotiations
If all steps are successful, and those responsible are accounted for, we can then begin settlement negotiations for your claim.

How We Can Help You

Our firm currently houses expert solicitors specialising in every field of personal injury work, handling cases from routine accidents at work, road traffic accident claims, to injuries of the utmost severity that involve complex programmes of rehabilitation.

Were you involved in an accident that was out of your control? Attwood & Co. is here to help. Assisting a wide range of clients with their personal injury claims. Choosing our firm can provide you with the following benefits.

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What if I lose my case for a personal injury claim?

We always aim to ensure that each personal injury claim has a fighting chance, however there are some situations where a case may be lost. If this happens, you simply will not get any compensation, and is usually lost because there has been no evidence found in the person you are claiming compensation for as the liable source for your injuries.

How is personal injury compensation calculated?

To calculate your personal injury compensation, multiply the total of your special damages by one or two to get a fair estimate of your pain and suffering value.

What is the usual payout for personal injury?

This depends entirely on the case. At the lowest, what you may acquire for settlement may be just a few thousand pounds. Many personal injury cases settle for much more, however, and can run up to £60,000 approximately.

What happens in court for a personal injury claim?

If the claim is taken to court for any reason, either issued by your solicitors or in any other way, a court will provide deadlines for when it needs to have received certain information and documentation about your claim.

How long does it take to settle a claim for injury?

Depending on the severity of each case, the time it takes for an injury claim settlement is entirely situational. For simpler cases, the approximate time for negotiating an agreement is usually 3 – 9 months. However, serious injuries that involve complex rehabilitation programmes are often longer. Estimating the time it takes is very difficult as each incident is different, but to put simpler cases into context, a claim for driving accidents can take up to 8 months, while industrial disease claims can take up to 1 year and 6 months.

Attwood & Co Is Commited To Client Care and Technical Excellence

We have solicitors specialising in every field of personal injury work handling cases from routine accidents at work, road traffic accident claims, to injuries of the utmost severity that involve complex programmes of rehabilitation and long term care. We also have a particular expertise in Medical Negligence matters. The department is headed by Jennifer Whitwam.

Attwood & Co’s commitment to every client is to obtain realistic compensation, to expedite the litigation process, and to ensure client satisfaction.Any client instructing Attwood & Co to pursue a personal injury claim, can do so with complete peace of mind. We aim to recover legal costs from the paying party. We are an accredited Personal Injury solicitor.


We aim to provide professional services towards all of our clients, ensuring each part of the process is easily understood by you. We have been quoted by a variety of our clients, presenting comments such as:

“I found the service was helpful and informative and was never rushed into making a decision.”

“Best solicitors. Best choice I made coming to yourselves.” 

“Prompt, efficient, professional and friendly!”


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