Solicitors in Grays, Essex

Welcome to ATTWOOD & CO, the Essex law firm for you.

Attwood & Co are the premier solicitors in Grays, Essex, for a wide range of legal services in representation and advice. For over 30 years, we have been proud to offer both years of experience and understanding to meet your every need in family and personal law such as medical negligence representation, financial fields such as conveyancing, and litigation and guidance. We are a team of solicitors and advisors committed to our craft and to serving diverse clients from all over the Southeast of England. Over the years, our dedication to our work has helped us to develop enduring relationships and trust with our community and a satisfied group of clients who know and trust us to have their best interests at heart in delivering clear, fair, and devoted legal services.

Our History

Our firm was established in 1988 by Clive Attwood, a veteran lawyer who aimed to offer an already-impressive 20 years experience in personal injury and medical negligence matters, as well as extensive knowledge in family, commercial, and criminal law. To assist him in this venture, Clive assembled a crack team of professionals to provide the best in information management and legal expertise, ensuring the best legal services are on the doorstep of Grays and the whole of Essex. We’ve served thousands of clients all across the South East of England and pride ourselves on our reputation for delivering successful outcomes.

By combining decades of legal prowess with fresh perspectives and new technology, we aim to continue offering success after success as times, families, and legal challenges change and grow – just like your family and business, and just like our team.

Our Services

Attwood & Co is proud to offer services and advice in a range of diverse legal areas. Among our areas of expertise are:

  • Residential and Commercial Conveyancing: addressing every facet of housing and business property conveyancing law
  • Family and Divorce: offering first-rate support and advice through one of the more difficult areas of law
  • Child Care: providing sympathetic and proactive representation in matters of childcare and custody
  • Powers of Attorney: ensuring our clients are satisfied with the representation of their interests and affairs by those they trust
  • Wills and Probate: offering expert advice in creating and executing wills to ensure our valued clients’ estates are settled to complete satisfaction
  • Disputes and Litigation: we endeavour to arbitrate and settle disputes and claims from the simplest of situations to the most difficult conflicts
  • Personal Injury: guaranteeing the strongest independent defence and representation in personal injuries claims and suits
  • Medical Negligence: standing by you in the unfortunate event of medical accidents, mishaps, or malpractice, engaging 40 years’ of practice and knowledge in resolving any such incidence in your favour.

Our Philosophy

We strive to deliver each of these services in a friendly professional atmosphere, based on our commitment to independence and placing our clients first and foremost. We hope to provide an atmosphere in which our clients feel informed and valued, and we believe that our steady relationships with returning clients is a testament to that, just as our consistent success rate over 33 years in serving our customers speaks for itself. We appreciate how sometimes needing to use a solicitor can be quite a daunting process and we strive to ensure that it remains as stress free and straightforward as possible

Many of our clients have returned to us over and over again and as families grow and change so does the need for our services. We’re very proud of our good reputation and find that recommendations for this firm of Essex solicitors come thick and fast from satisfied clients who have been thrilled with our services. We are also proud to have one of the few Essex Family Law departments to have received a Legal Aid franchise, guaranteeing our ability to serve every member of our broader community in receiving the recognition and support they deserve. Our passion for ensuring access to legal representation and advice shows in the happiness we’ve been pleased to bring to our clients. That’s why our pleased clients have said of our services that they were “over the moon,” “the best,” and “first class.” We’re pleased to think that our hard work has paid off on behalf of these clients, and we hope we can do the same for you.

So if you find yourself in need of legal counsel or representation, or even just have a question on a matter of importance to you, please call one of our experts at 01375 898 870 or email us at for a consultation. We hope to hear from you!