Withdrawing a Power of Attorney

The power of attorney is a legal document that’s signed by one person to empower another as their voice in all aspects of their finances, investments and settlements. The binding legal contract can only be revoking (from a legal standpoint) when the power of attorney is withdrawn.

Sold Your Home? What to Do Next

For many of us, selling our home can be one of the most trying periods of our lives. As an afterthought, have you ever considered what you need to do after you’ve sold you home? Here is a practical guide explaining what you should be doing after you’ve sold your home.

How to stay safe on public transport

If you live in the heart of a city you might be more likely to use public transport or cycle rather than drive. With increases in road and transport accidents, as well as transport-related crime, it is important to be vigilant during any journey.

Social Services

Recent Reports in the national media (Panorama 13.01.2014 View Episode and Daily Mail 03.12.2013 ) and our local press (Thurrock Gazette 09.01.2014 See Article) highlight that blameless parents are at risk of having their children removed and placed under Care Orders.  The risk being from over zealous Social Workers who will place misleading evidence before …

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