The most common personal injury claims

Here at Attwood & Co one of our specialist areas is personal injury claims. Each year, thousands of people throughout the UK attempt to claim compensation from their employer due to injuries that have occurred in the workplace. However as an employer it can be difficult to know when you should be paying out for a genuine injury, and when the claimant is faking their injury or making it out to be much worse than it is. Here are some of the most common injuries that employees may claim that they have sustained, as many of these are not so easy to disprove:

  • Head injury – There are so many different symptoms related to head injuries that can easily be faked. From migraines to dizziness, it can be hard for you, as an employer to decipher whether they’re telling the truth or not.
  • Back injuries – A back injury can prove to be a serious thing; and this is why it’s most commonly used by fraudsters to exploit the system. From lifting a heavy object to whiplash, its causes are many, making it even harder to assess.
  • Soft tissue damage – Another injury that’s easily faked is soft tissue damage. It can occur more or less anywhere on the body and is the perfect excuse for people looking for a little time off. It isn’t easily identified visually and not always discovered through x-rays either.
  • Knee injuries – Just like the other injuries listed here a knee problem is largely internal and shows no visible symptoms. All the claimant needs to do is strap their knee up, borrow some crutches, hobble around and who’s to know the difference?

If you’d like any advice concerning a personal injury claim which has been made against your company please get in touch with us. Likewise, if you’ve been injured in your workplace and are seeking compensation from your employer, our highly experienced team of personal injury solicitors are here to offer advice and help you make a claim.