How to deal with a problem landlord

If you’re renting a house or flat, then you’re at the whim of your landlord. In nearly all cases, this isn’t a problem. Landlords often understand the needs of tenant and respect their privacy, as long as the tenant abides by the rules stated in the contract.

There are however, a few landlords that are just difficult, no matter how much you have adhered to the contract you signed. Here we are going to look at a few ways that you can deal with a difficult landlord.

Be a good tenant

If you want to enjoy a good relationship with your landlord the first rule of thumb is to be a good tenant. This means paying rent on time, following the rules set out in your contract, keeping the property clean etc.

If you’re consistently breaking rules and not paying on time from the minute you move in expect to have a difficult time with your landlord.

Communicate clearly

It’s often the case that people rank their landlord as ‘poor’ because he/she is slow at responding to requests. This can be frustrating, especially if it’s trying to get a vital piece of household equipment fixed.

Remember that you probably aren’t their only tenant and they are likely inundated with requests every day. If it’s a minor issue like a leaky tap, give them a couple of days to deal with it. If it’s a serious issue that’s affecting your life in the property, be clear about it. Tell them how it’s making things hard and that if possible, it needs fixing as soon as possible.

The clearer you are in your requests, the more likely they are to respond with speed.

If they won’t help you, then you may have to look closely at your tenancy agreement. If it is the landlord’s responsibility and they’re simply ignoring it then you can take the issue further.

Keep a record

Take track of any problems you have with the flat or house when you move in. Take pictures of everything, keep repair requests saved, track any maintenance work that takes place etc… This way, you have records and evidence of everything that has happened with the property during your tenancy.

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