Frequently asked questions about personal injury claims

To help anyone in the process of, or are hoping to make a personal injury claim we’ve put together a quick frequently asked questions guide.

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Can I make a claim?

Generally, the accident must have happened within the last three years. There are exceptions to that rule however. If you are under the age of 18, you have until your turn 21 to make a claim. There are more, too many to list here, but if you are curious whether you’re able to make a claim, contact us here.

You must also be able to prove that the injury was caused by someone who was at fault.

How long do I have to make a claim?

As we stated above, the statutory of limitation period is three years. That’s three years from the date of your accident. Children have until their 21st birthday. Accidents abroad have different limitations, something that we can advise on.

How long does a claim take?

It often depends on whether the opponent will readily take responsibility for your accident. If they do not then your case can last a minimum of 12 months. It can also depend on the extent of your injuries. It’s recommended that you wait for a full recovery before making a claim.

Will I need to go to court?

Most cases can be settled outside of court. There are however, some instance where cases will proceed to a full hearing, and you may be required to give evidence.

How much compensation will I receive?

There is no fixed amount that you will receive for a specific injury. Guidelines do exist though, used by lawyers when referring to previously decided cases. It may be difficult at first for your lawyer to advise you on how much you may receive through your claim. It all depends on the injury, how it has affected you, and how you recover from it.

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