What do I do if I suspect medical negligence?

When you are treated by a medical professional, whether they be a doctor, surgeon, or a nurse, they must, by law, attend to your needs to the best of their abilities. And in nearly all cases, this happens. But there are some instances in which this law is ignored.

This is known as medical negligence.

This negligence can form various types of malpractice such as surgical errors, cosmetic surgery errors, dental malpractice etc…

But establishing and understanding whether you have case can be a complex and difficult matter. Here at Atwood & Co, we’ve covered some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to medical negligence.

What actions can I take if I suspect medical negligence?

Most recommend seeking a solicitor who specialises in this area of law for advice. They can help gain access to your medical records, and spotty in putting forward a complaint with the relevant trust or body.

A solicitor will help guide and support you through the proceedings and can help you certain the answers you deserve.

How will I know when I have suffered medical negligence?

To establish a case, three things must be known:

–          That a duty of care exists

–          That duty of care has been breached

–          As a result of that breach you have fallen victim to “avoidable harm”

What is my next move if I want to take legal action?

Medical negligence is an extremely complex field of law. It is strongly recommended that legal advice is sought from a firm like ourselves. We can advise on best approach, whether you have a good enough case to take them on, and your chances of success.

We also have access to medical experts who can offer their opinions on the case in hand.

How long do I have to file a case?

Limitations for medical negligence claims in the UK. The claim must begin within three years from when the event occurred, or when you realised harm was incurred. The three year limit does apply for children.

To learn more about medical negligence, or to discuss a case with us, contact us today.