How To Deal With Disputes In The Workplace

A number of disputes happen in the workplace all the time. Clashing personalities and disagreements are likely to arise, bringing with them potentially uncomfortable situations. Getting to the root of a workplace dispute is essential. At Attwood & Co Solicitors we recommend responding to workplace disputes as they happen so that a happier working environment is possible.


What causes a workplace dispute?

Many things can cause arguments and tension within the workplace, from small misunderstandings to larger complications. Some of the most common issues include:

  • Unfair treatment
  • Unclear job roles
  • Lack of communication
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Personal disagreements
  • Equal opportunities

As soon as an issue arises it is important to act upon it. Although it can be easy to start arguments it is important to remain calm throughout the process and look for a positive resolution.


What should I do?

Depending on the kind of dispute there are different actions you can and need to take. Often, talking through the problem with those directly concerned can help to quickly resolve the issue without hassle. Being diplomatic and polite is crucial rather than pointing fingers. If someone else’s mistake or wrongdoing has directly impacted you they may not realise. Have a private word with those concerned and raise your issues. Offering solutions is another way to hasten the resolution of the problem.


This form of communication can sometimes make things worse though. In this case you should approach your manager or HR department. Their responsibility is to ensure that everyone is working in a positive environment and been treated appropriately. They have the power to deal with any disputes too and should respond to your needs or requirements.


What happens if the employer is the issue?

Certain incidences do and can arise where the employer is directly related. Some issues can be uncomfortable to approach or tricky due to their nature. You should seek legal and professional advice if there is no way you can resolve the issue within the company.  Avoid letting the situation fester or escalate. Instead it might be time to speak to a solicitor.


Attwood & Co Solicitors have a wealth of experience with disputes across the workplace. Whatever the problem, we can help guide you through the process to reach the best outcome. Get in touch with us today. Visit our blog for further advice regarding legal issues and complications.

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