The most common workplace injuries and how to avoid them

Workplace injuries are extremely common – 175,000 were reported to RIDDOR (reporting of injuries, diseases, and dangerous occurrences regulations) in 2013/2014. But most of the time, they’re avoidable. That is, providing that the workplace you’re in provide adequate training and you understand the most common injuries and how to avoid them.

And it’s the latter we’re going to look at here.

RSI – Also known as repetitive strain injury, this mainly inflicts office workers who spend their days in front of a computer typing away. But it can also affect people in other industries too.

It occurs when the employee is repeating the same motion over and over again, which can eventually lead to muscle issues like endema and tendinitis.

How’s it avoided? Quite easily, so it’s a wonder why so many workers suffer from it at some point. Correct posture is key here. And it’s important that you’re provided with the right equipment i.e. an ergonomic keyboard.

Back and neck injuries – These are most commonly found in workplaces that require heavy lifting. Warehouse jobs for example will require workers to constantly lift heavy boxes and machinery around each day. To avoid it it’s imperative that each employee is given training on the correct way to lift.

Again, it isn’t only warehouse workers. It can occur elsewhere too. Even in a n office environment; posture being the main issue.

Trips and slips – This can happen in any working environment. It doesn’t take much; a toolbox left out, a hazardous wire snaking its way across the floor. The solution is a simple one. Encourage good housekeeping at work. Make sure that each employee has some sort of responsibility for cleaning their workspace.

Burns – This often conjures to mind an open flame. But that isn’t the only thing that can cause a burn injury. Many people work with harmful chemicals day in day out which can seriously damage the skin. Any employee working with an open flame, or these sorts of substances should have been trained correctly.

You’ll have noticed that all of these injuries can easily be avoided. IT takes the employer to provide the correct training and the employee to take responsibility. And that’s it.

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