How to cope with a marriage breakup

We provide our clients with impartial, professional advice for matters relating to divorce and judicial separation at Attwood & Co. Our services will get you through the legal complications related to marriage breakdowns and this article explores ideas that might help with the emotional side of separation as well.

  1. Think about good things: It’s not easy to feel positive about your life after a marriage breakdown but try to think about the good things you are blessed with if you can. This could be family that loves you, friends that adore you and children that need their parent’s love. Write down a list of everything that makes you feel happy and that can be a tonic in itself.
  2. Let your feelings out: Don’t try to bottle everything up, this will only make matters worse. Obviously you don’t want to sit there blubbing in front of the children but lean on a friend’s shoulder, order a takeaway one night, crack open a bottle of wine and pour out your emotions. Have a good cry, write your feelings down in a letter, nobody needs to read it just vent your emotions on paper or a laptop screen. If you are feeling down speak to a professional, talk it through with a therapist, it’ll feel like a massive weight has been lifted from your shoulders.
  3. Workout: Start a new health kick, join a gym, start jogging or try a new sport, get in shape and feel better about yourself. Look at this as a new beginning, you’ll look better and feel fitter, this will be good for your emotional and physical well-being.
  4. Try new activities: Join a local club and try a new hobby, it’ll be fun and it’s a good way to meet new people. You might not be ready for a new relationship yet but there will come a point a little further down the line when you feel strong enough to trust someone again, so meet like-minded people and this could be the start of a new beginning.